FAQ - for Owners - Renters

1. How to publish an ad?

If you want to publish an ad on Acomodi you first need to register by clicking on "Add your object" or "Register" links. After filling the form and accepting the terms of use you can click "Register me".
If you filled all the fields correctly and submitted the form you will get a message "Thank you for your registration". After that please check your email (including spam folder) for activation link.
After activation you can log in on the Acomodi homepage by clicking "Login" link.

In addition to "normal" registration you can also register by simply clicking "Login" and then click Google or Facebook button. If this is your first time loging in you will still need to select that you\'re a renter and your country. But after clicking on "Register me" you are registered and automatically logged in.

After successfully logging in reception dashboard will open. Other instructions on how to use the reception can be found on the how to use reception.

2. How to change advertisment data?

Advertisment data can be changed after loging in to "my reception". You need to click the "Edit advertisment" link and then on the list click "Edit" link (the pencil icon). After making changes click "Save" button.

3. Who can use Acomodi for advertisment?

Acomodi advertising service can be used by all users i.e. renters that want to publish their ad and own a rent certification i.e. document that proves they can rent their accommodation issued by proper authorities. You can only rent certified accommodation units.

4. Do I have to use the reception?

If you only want to advertise you don't have to use any onther part of the application, just enter your accommodations.

5. How much does it cost to use Acomodi services?

Using Acomodi is charged according to pricelist.

6. What services do I pay on Acomodi portal?

The service that is charged is advertising.

Out pricelist with newest advertising prices which are adapted to advertising all your accommodation units after the promotion month ends can be found on pricelist page.

7. What are the advantages of using "my reception" service?

"My reception" is a service that enables you advanced tehnical capabilities od modern reception and those are:

  • manage online reception (even on the road, when you are not at your computer),
  • managing reservation calendar,
  • list of guest arrivals and departures,
  • keeping track of guest messages and enquiries,
  • checking personal emails directly in the application and replying to guests,
  • creation of offers and reservations in multiple languages in few simple steps and saving them as PDF,
  • option of embeding contact form with calendar and price calculation directly on your personal web page.

8. Why manage reservation calendar for accommodation units?

Guests can see which days are available and send you enquiry only for days that are not occupied. You can use the calendar after you enter your accommodation units. It's important to manage you reservation calendar so you have insight into all your reservations for your accommodation. Calendar can be managed online even when you're not at home as all the other reception services.

9. Can i embed online calendar on my own website??

Yes, you can easily embed the reservation calendar with contact form directly on your website by configuring and copying embed code from settings page.

10. What are the advantages of online calendar on my website.?

Online calendar on your website allows guests to see available days, calculate the price and send enquiry directly to you. An example of the calendar in use can be seen on the example of one of our users.

11. Why should I use Acomodi mail reading service??

Mail enables to quickly and professionally reply to all your enquiries and can generate predefined responses in multiple languages and see all your previous conversations with guests.

12. How can I setup my reception to check my emails?

For Gmail no setup is necessary. Just select it from the dropdown menu in the settings. For other email providers you need to enter your login data. Don't worry, your username and password will be encrypted.

13. What are the advantages of Acomodi MAIL compared to classic replying to guests via my usual email client?

You don't have to leave reception to read and reply to emails, you can reply in multiple languages via predefind responses and have a history of all you conversations with guests.

14. Do I have to know the foreign language to reply to guest enquiries through Acomodi MAIL?

No, we have prepared translated responses to most often used phrases.

15. Why is it important to send offers to guests?

From the offer the guest can see what services and equipment you offer for your accommodation written in their own language. By having insight into all the details you offer they know what they getting and in most cases acceppt the offer. Acomodi can create all your offers professionally in a foreign language in just a few clicks. Offer contains your contact data so guest can be sure that thay rented accommodation directly from you.

16. Why is it important to send reservation to a guest?

On the reservation guest can see all important information in their own language and you can use it later to charge agreed services you offered to the guest.

17. How do I create an offer or reservation?

After loging in to my reception click "Reservations" link and then "New offer" tab.

18. What are the advantages of composing and sending professional documents to guests?

Quick creation in a few clicks, selection of a language in which to create the document. Documents contain all your information and details of your accommodation.

You can easily save the document to your computer and list all the previous documents and print them.

19. What is SEO section in accommodation unit creation and why is it important to fill all SEO fields?

Optimization i.e. Search Engine Optimization for search engines composes of a whole list of details directed at successful promotion of your advertisment and increasing the rank of your ad in the search results i targeted keywords. The better your ad is positioned on search engines for prefered keywords the heigher number of visits and potential enquiries from guests for your accommodation.

Example: if you entered into SEO "sand beach for kids" and if the guest is searching for "accommodation with sand beach for kids" there is an increased odd for your accommodation to appear in search results.

20. Why is it important to mark accommodation object location on the map?

Guest can quickly spot and inspect your accommodation with images and description and send you enquiry for your accommodation. Your accommodation is more visible to guests.

21. Why is it important to enter prices for seasons?

Analysis show that guests decide quicker to reserve accommodation, that is, send enquiry for ads with listed prices.

Prices for seasons are required to calculate total price of accommodation in a given period in which guest wants to rent your accommodation.

22. What is the difference between "Price from" and prices for calculation per seasons?

"Price from" is not used for calculations, only to show  aproximate price of your accommodation.

23. Does anyone else beside me have insight in my reservations and reception?

Only you and anyone you give your password to can access the reception. Guest can only see your available days for easy reservation of your accommodation.

FAQ - for guests - tourists

1. How to find suitable accommodation quick and easy at a desired location?

On the homepage there are menus where you can select type of accommodation, country and place where you want to stay.

Example: apartment, Croatia, Split

After that you need to click on the "Search" button and you get results with accommodation units with images and basic info.

2. How to use Acomodi search with trip themes?

Search can be used by selecting at least the Country option. For example Croatia which will return all accommodations in Croatia.

...you can then add a trip theme, e.g. sand beach

...search engine will find all accommodations in Croatia which are near a sandy beach.

3. How to browse accommodation with details?

After selecting accommodation e.g. in Croatia for sandy beaches you can narrow the results further with filters on the left, next to the "Search" button by clicking on the wheel icon () and select accommodation details like number of people, date, parking, garage, air conditioning and other details you want. The same filters can be found on the search results page on the left side (on the top for mobile devices).

4. How to find all important accommodation details without opening its details?

After the basic search you will see a list of accommodations with an image slider. Using the arrows on the left and right (or drag with cursor) you can cycle through images. Below the image slider are some icons with basic data like number of people, number and size of beds, parking, wifi and other basic equipment.

5. How to send a simple enquiry?

Direct enquiry through "Contact owner" form:

After clicking on "Contact owner" button, a form with a few input fields will open. You need to fill in your name, email and message/enquiry.

A message can be something like:

We are looking for an apartment from 10.6. - 20.6. and ask for non-binding offer if it's available.

Kind regards H.Meier

Clicking and the "SEND" button the owner will get your message along with your name and email so they can reply to you.

6. Why do I need to enter personal info like name and email when sending enquiry?

This data is required so the owner can reply to your enquiry. You can also send the "big" enquiry after selecting the arrival and departure date, calculating the price and seeing the offer preview. That way you and the owner can get more information about your stay.

For all other questions you can contact us directly at info@acomodi.com

Website is in the last phase of testing and please contact us for any and all difficulties you encounter at: info@acomodi.com


You can send your suggestions and ideas to info@acomodi.com 

Your Acomodi team