About us

About us

The development of the Acomodi portal began in September 2013. The preliminary draft of the project is based on the development of the platform which is adjusted to renters. We would like to provide self-advertising and reception managing to every single renter. We have been trying to advertise your accommodation units as transparent as possible. International adverts for tourist accommodation are announced at Acomodi.com which also serves as a platform for online reception managing.


We have made a special place for renters which is called “My reception”. “My reception” is a place where renters can advertise their own accommodation and monitor the calendar of enquiries and bookings. We have translated the system into 5 basic languages and integrated sending the offers in foreign languages. Both guests and renters can directly communicate by sending messages within the system. You just contact the owner and wait for the response.


The renters can try the complete solution for free. The promotional offer lasts until 1 April 2016. You can register for free, put up your advert, activate your accommodation capacity and you are ready for the new tourist season. You can advertise apartments, rooms, camps, flats, houses for rest and other tourist accommodation with integrated reception and automatic professional e-mail reply in foreign languages. It is adjusted for both big and small renters. Register and try it for free.



Acomodi has been created by the renters according to their needs to improve their business activities and to ensure better quality and better financial results with more professional approach. The functions and possibilities of the portal are improved every day by the technical support of the expert team of programmers. There will soon be a possibility of a direct booking without intermediation.

The idea of self-advertising and managing your own reception was brought up in 2012. The idea about your own reception was developed because of the easier way of managing your own evidence.

The key of the successful cooperation are enthusiasm and flexibility of all members of the team. We successfully tested the system on our own accommodation units, adjusted it to the market needs and filled in our own accommodation capacities for the new tourist season in 2016.


Main Acomodi functionalities

Advertisement section:

Advertise your apartments, rooms, houses for rest, villas, camp accommodation, hotel accommodation or any other kind of accommodation.

Find the accommodation directly in a deal with the renter without brokerage fee.

Book your accommodation online without brokerage fee.



Renters have a possibility of managing their own reception with numerous options.

Manage your own evidence, monitor the calendar of your accommodation capacities availability.

Make offer documents, bookings and certificates.

Print out the price list of tourist seasons.


Use your mail within the system for reading your personal messages, e-mails and correspondence by using templates in English, German, Italian, French and Croatian.

Monitor the received enquiries, try to be prompt and you will fill your accommodation capacities in the shortest term.

Guests and renters can directly communicate through the messages within the system.


Search engine:

We have made one of the most complex accommodation search engines.

The main search is based on the selection by the type of accommodation, country, city/town and other certain specificities.

From now on you can find the accommodation by all the criteria that the certain accommodation unit has in its own offer.

For example, you can find the accommodation with an air conditioner, Wi-Fi, microwave oven and which is also pet friendly and adjusted to disabled people.

There is a map with buildings and their addresses available in the search results.