How does Acomodi work?

The Acomodi portal is divided in two main parts.

The first part consists of the renters with their own accommodation units. The renters enter their buildings and accommodation units that are part of their offer. Their own reception is a place where the renters can monitor the received enquiries and bookings.

The second part consists of the guests that search the accommodation by their own criteria. The guests can send enquiry or directly contact the owner. If the guest registers in the system he can directly communicate with the renter.

We try to create the circle of trust. We check the renter profiles and take care about the safety of the clients.We protect your privacy by showing just the basic information.

Please read our instructions for use in details because we have tried to describe every problem you may have. If you find any problem you can’t find the solution for, please contact us as soon as possible and help the other renters in that way.



How to book an apartment, room, house for rest and other accommodation?

Step 1 – finding accommodation

You can search for an accommodation using the form on the home page. Except the home page you can adjust your search in the search results. We have created one of the most detailed search engines on the market.

The novelty that we offer is search by accommodation specificities. For example, “dentists nearby”, “skiing”, “sand beach” and/or “lakes” are just some of the specific topics which the renter offers through advertising.



Step 2 – browsing accommodation

In this step, the search engine will restore the offer for accommodation based on the given criteria. Open one of the wanted apartments from the search.

You can see the photographs of accommodation and few cards with all the necessary information on the accommodation details.

The cards you can browse include basic details about the accommodation unit, building, description and specificities.

If you like all of the accommodation details we can go to the next step which is sending an enquiry to the renter.



Step 3 – sending an enquiry

You can simplify the way of sending an enquiry to the renter by choosing the button “contact the owner” on the details of the unit. Write the short text with an enquiry and wait for the response.

You can also send the detailed enquiry with the date and number of people (grown-ups, children). The enquiry form is placed under the details of accommodation unit. Fill in the personal information regarding your name, surname and e-mail. Review the example of the offer and send the enquiry to the renter.

After that you have to wait for the renter to check the enquiry and confirm your booking. Once the renter confirms your enquiry you just depart and indulge in the pleasure.



How to advertise?

Register for free and advert your accommodation. Almost anyone can become the renter. Offer your accommodation unit to the guests. Choose the accommodation category, for example an apartment, room, villa, pension or any kind of the accommodation units that we offer. Set the exact location of your accommodation unit on the map. Set the name of the street, phone number, highlight extra charges in your unit, for example the final cleaning, the pool, sauna, private parking lot, etc..



Account and profile

1. How to make your own account?

If you don’t have your own account, just follow the link

You can use your own e-mail address, Google or Facebook account for registration. Google and Facebook buttons are placed on the application form whereat you don’t have to authorize your account but you can start using the system.

If you have registered by your e-mail, we will send you the activation link to your e-mail address. Open and read your e-mail, confirm your e-mail address and start using the services.



2. How to delete the account?

Your account is permanently active without subscription or any kind of secret or small letters. So your account is permanently active but if you hide your accommodation units, the information about your profile won’t be visible. If you really want to delete your profile details please contact us by the link



3. Check in

Click the button “Check in” on the home page. The pop-up window will open and you have to write your e-mail address and the password. If you do it correctly you will successfully check in.

Except the standard e-mail check in form, you can check in using Google or Facebook account by clicking on the buttons of the same name.



4. Edit your profile

Fill in the basic information about your profile. If you want to advertise please fill in the obligatory information. Once you have entered the basic information you can start entering your accommodation capacities and units.

If you want to send offers you should fill in the offer form in settings.



5. Language and currency

You can change the language and currency at any time in the right corner at the top of the page. Objects have special selection of the currency. The prices on the offer will be shown depending on the currency you have chosen by entering the object. You should enter the seasonal price list in € (euros).